Louisiana Divorce Papers Forms

According to the State of Louisiana Divorce Laws, to get divorced in Louisiana, the spouse filing the case must have been a resident of of the state for at least 12 months before filing for divorce. There is a waiting period of 1 year (under rule 102: with children) and 6 months (under rule 103: without children) after filing the Louisiana Divorce Forms and Louisiana Divorce Papers before a divorce will be granted. During this time the spouses must be living separate and apart.

If you qualify for the above requirements, and are considering to file legal separation papers in the state of California, then here is the list of divorce forms you will need to fill out.

Other Forms

Form 1 – Default Confirmation (La.C.C.Art.103(1))
Form 2 – Uncontested Divorce Form (La.C.C.P.Art.969)
Form A – Income – Expense Affidavit
Form B – Spousal Support/Child Support Arreages
Form C-1 – Child Support Worksheet
Form C-2 – Child Support Worksheet (Equal Sharing)
Form D-1 – Case Management Schedule
Form D-2 – Case Management Schedule (Community Property)
Form E – Application for Ex-Parte Temporary Custody Order
Form F – Certification of Applicant’s Attorney
Form G-1 – Divorce Form (La.C.C.P.Art.102) (If there are no minor children)
Form G-2 – Divorce Form (La.C.C.P.Art.102) (If there are minor children)
Form H – Detailed Descriptive List
Form I – Pretrial Order
Form J – Order
Form K – Bid List for Community Property (Moveable)
Form L – Findings on Issues of Law and Classification
Form M – Judgment of Partition of Community
Form N – Notice of the Signing of a Judgment
Form O – Written Stipulations